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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Hello, my fellow Bro’s!

Guys, Louis Vuitton has officially released their men’s and women’s 2018 Autumn/Winter collections. This post will feature my opinion on the collection in its entirety, and my favorite pieces! I love fashion in general, so I am going to talk about my favorite items for both men, and women.

Lets start with my favorite items from the mens collection!

The "LUXEMBOURG SNEAKER" is definitely one of my favorites, so much so that I have already purchased them! They come in 3 colors, black, white, and red. They're super classic, comfortable, and simplistic. These sneakers retail for 745 dollars, here in the states!

These leather goods really caught my eye, but in all honestly, I loved almost every item in this collection. This collection is really focussing on LV's "EPI LEATHER" which is there most durable leather, but not the most popular. When thinking about LV, one usually thinks about the Monogram, or Damier Canvas materials, therefore Epi Leather is kind of living in their shadow. This collection does an amazing job of mixing classic, with trendy!

These RTW (ready to wear) pieces are some of my favorites from LV in a while! That white t-shirt is so fun, and I love the message behind it as well. The scarf is an absolute classic that I actually purchased last year, but they have brought it back this season, in a few color variations.

I mean do I even have to say anything? Both of these items are truly spectacular, and I need them in my collection right now! Now, lets move on to the women's newest collections!

The "FRONT ROW SNEAKER" in the new women's collection is stunning. I like how both the men, and women's collections are similar, and sort of in sync with one another. Both collections are really utilizing the "MON MONO" style (which is the 2 varied color stripes, with L.V underneath them).

The LV "NEW WAVE CHAIN BAG" is going to be all the rage, and I am telling you guys early so if you want it, go get it! My LV sales associate told me that these are barely going to live on the shelves, and that it is the new "Pochete Metis" (a LV bag from a year ago that was immensely popular, and always sold out). This bag comes in 2 sizes, the larger one retailing for 2,270 dollars, in the states.

These 3 items are some of favorites from LV's newest collections. How cool is that "TWIST" with holographic, iridescent hardware?! The Trunk Clutch is also really cool, because it is a spin on a staple LV bag, the "Petite Malle". This new bag, is larger, soft-sided, yet still portrays LV's heritage in trunk-making.

That is it for this post, I hope you all enjoyed my review of Louis Vuitton's newest collections! Please share this post with someone you think would appreciate it, and keep up with all of my other content on my instagram, @brosinbowties.


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