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Hello, my fellow Bro's!

Summer is here, and in full swing. Living in Houston, our summers are very hot, and rainy, but no type of weather is an excuse to dress poorly. Here are some outfits that I have put together, so I hope you guys can gain some inspiration.

Look 1: Simple white t-shirt, a nice pair of ripped jeans, and a denim jacket. I love this denim jacket, because it super thin, therefore it doesn't keep you to warm, and the color is so neutral! I finished the look with some camel espadrilles.

Jacket: Zara , Shirt: Zara , Jeans: American Eagle , Shoes: Ferragamo

Look 2: A white t-shirt, but with a twist. Whether it be a graphic, logo, or printed tee, they all work for this outfit. Wearing a simple basic with a nicer jean, and cooler shoe, can really elevate your look.

Shirt: Valentino , Jeans: American Eagle , Shoes: Fendi

Look 3: A printed button down, either thrown over a shirt, or buttoned up. Pairing it with a nice, skinny jean, and a classic white sneaker should do the trick.

Shirt: Topman , Jeans: American Eagle , Shoes: Gucci

Look 4: Juxtaposition. I love pairing dressier pieces with more casual items. It is a great way to transition from day to night, and never feeling severely under, or over-dressed.

Blazer: Zara , Shirt: Zara , Jeans: American Eagle , Shoes: Fendi

Thank y’all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! Please like, and share with friends. You can follow the rest of my content on my Instagram, @brosinbowties

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