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Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Hello my Fellow Bro’s!

These last few weeks in Houston have been the most gloomy, and depressing of the Winter. Houston’s bipolar weather has it being 30 degrees one day, and 70 the next. Overall, the winter is finally coming to an end, and I am so excited! Although I am just as excited as y’all to see the sun, I can’t bring out my spring wardrobe just yet.

This post will include some simple Winter outfit ideas, that will keep you warm, but shows the world you’re ready for warmer weather!

Look 1: A simple black base, with a burgundy cable knit cardigan, from Banana Republic. Cardigans are a great way to transition from winter to spring! This cardigan is super cozy, and definitely keeps me warm, but doesn’t make me look like I’m going skiing! I paired this look with some classic, brown, Salvatore Ferragamo loafers.

Look 2: On a day when it’s a bit colder, I go for a statement coat, but juxtapose it with a simple t shirt. This military coat from Zara is super cool, and keeps me nice and toasty. I paired it with a white Balmain t shirt, black jeans, and white Gucci Ace Sneakers! It’s a simple outfit, with one statement piece, now that is the perfect combination of winter, and spring!

Look 3: A classic item that every guy should have in his closet, a half-zip, or quarter-zip. The one I am wearing is from Vineyard Vines, it is super comfy, and looks really nice. These sweaters are a great way to look like you put more effort into your outfit, then you actually did. Half-zips are great for guys who don’t care that much about fashion, but still want to look good! I paired it with some black jeans, and brown, Salvatore Ferragamo loafers.

Look 4: This Denim Shearling jacket is perfect for the end of winter. This Zara 1985 jacket is super soft, and has a easy, oversized fit. The black denim really gives off a “I’m ready for spring” vibe, but the shearling jacket will keep you just as warm. I kept the base simple, all black. I finished off the look with black Louis Vuitton Monte Carlo Loafers.

Look 5: Lastly, let’s not forget the basics. A plain white t shirt, a good pair of blue jeans, and nice jacket. This purple Burberry jacket does a great job at keeping me warm, but not too warm. This jacket is great for the transition season, and the gold hardware makes it really cool. I completed the look with my trusted Gucci Ace Sneakers!

Thank y’all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! Please like, and share with friends. You can follow the rest of my content on my Instagram, @brosinbowties

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