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Hello, my fellow Bro’s!

Being a male, who has always been more interested in fashion, rather than sports, has definitely led to lifetime of raised eyebrows. When I was younger, I never played video games, watched the super bowl, or anything else that is usually associated with boys. As far back as I can remember, I always preferred spending time with my female friends, and cousins.

So from everything I have told you so far, you have probably drawn the conclusion that I am gay, right? Well, sorry to break it to you, I’m not. I’m writing this post to hopefully break the stereotype that all guys like me are homosexuals. Just as a disclaimer, I have absolutely nothing against the LGBT community, and I support all their endeavors to gain their deserved equal rights.

So one thing I never understood, is why people assume I’m gay? Well first of all, why do people assume anyone is anything, it could not be any less of their business. How people feel entitled to have an opinion on how you live, or should live your life is just beyond me. Anyway, let’s get back to the point. So being gay means what, it means that you are attracted to men. So since I am interested in fashion, and have a genetically higher pitched voice, must mean I like men? In what world does that logic make any sense? The stereotype that a straight man has to have a deep voice (which we don’t even control), play every sport under the sun, and be a douche to women, is overdone.

So I just don’t understand how someone can tell ones sexual preference by just looking at them? “Oh his jeans are too tight” or “Why does he sound like a girl”, how do those things translate to “Oh he must like men”?

Look being gay is awesome, everyone has the right to love whoever, or whatever they want, 110 percent. But the assumptions have to stop! Even if 98 percent of gay men do this one thing, there are 2 percent of them that don’t. Even if 98 percent of straight men do this one thing, there are 2 percent of them that don’t! So please, let’s stop the assumptions, and the judgement, because your life will not be any different if you know the sexual orientation of your favorite celebrity, blogger, or a stranger on the subway.


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